Love Muscle with K-Hand

When you think of gay clubbing in Leeds, your imagination probably doesn’t stretch beyond that grotty bit of town around Mission and Queen’s Court. If you happen to be a discerning music fan as well as part of the LGBT community, there are very few places where you can go out and feel comfortable. You probably have to make some painful compromises.

Love Muscle is changing all that. Started by Michael Upson late last year, the event has had its base at the safe space of the Wharf Chambers Co-op; and a gay community with a  taste for amazing disco, techno and more has started to grow. Guests have included Gideon from NYC Downlow, Lil’ Mark of Classic Records and Mike Greenwell from Cosmic Slop.

This weekend’s booking is a might shift of gear. Legendary Detroit techno producer K-Hand (Trip/Acacia) will touch down at the one-off venue of Distrikt. Kelli Hand is frequently placed among the biggest names in techno. This comes as a result of her prolific and versatile productions, and her propensity to get the party pumping. Her sound is chunky, sweaty, and break-neck, and is sure to rock the foundations of Distrikt, giving the place a big homoerotic makeoverSupport comes from Tom Hannah (Love Muscle/KMAH) and Michael Upson (Love Muscle).

As usual with the bar, the event is free and takes place this Saturday 21st May 2016, kicking off at 8pm.

Full event page is here.