Lurka – Rhythm Hi-Tek


Whilst we are all confined to our homes during the epidemic, there is no doubt that the prospect of dancing to high-energy music in the depths of a club has never seemed more appealing. Lurka, AKA Ben Treng, entertains this fantasy with his new high-intensity EP Rhythm Hi-Tek, released on Batu’s label Timedance.

A fellow Bristolian and close friend of Batu, the pair recently collaborated on Lurka’s own label, Fringe White with the Fringe White EP. Lurka has also enjoyed several releases on Hotline and Liberty Sound.

Known for his adventurous and multifaceted output which shake the walls of any club, his newest release Rhythm Hi-Tek certainly does not disappoint. “Point Noise Behaviours” sets the scene, with a wild assortment of skittering synths, a protruding bass and incessant drills. Inviting us to ride a rumbling, discordant wave throughout, “Point Noise Behaviours” demonstrates Lurka’s impressive engineering skills.

Plummeting us into a more desolate, bass-heavy soundscape, “sssppeedd”, as the title suggests, picks up the pace. The track is deeply cathartic, emanating moveable energy to permeate the dancefloor. Equally energetic, “Mind’s Eye Trips” crashes in with a pulsating beat, complemented by fluttering oscillations, taking us on a more steady, rhythmical journey.

The EP’s eponymous track, “Rhythm Hi-Tek”, slows the tempo, spiralling us deep into a time-warp of propulsive bass-lines, metallic crashes and alien-like interjections communicating back and forth. Rounding off the EP with Lurka’s signature hi-def pressure, the track finishes on an especially strident note. A wonderfully daring EP featuring a varied concoction of techniques and tempos, Rhythm Hi-Tek showcases Lurka’s technical expertise and creativity as a producer, synonymous with the acclaimed Timedance label.