Markus Sommer – Mystic EP (Twig 3.2)


The Berlin based Seekers family and their fledgling sublabel Twig have been churning out a melting pot of influences from days gone by over the last couple of years. Snippets of IDM, UK garage, minimal techno, deep house and break all shine through, yet with an abstract and distinctly modern twist. Markus Sommer has just delivered the second in a trio of releases for Twig with a solid little 10” EP entitled ‘Mystic’.

The 24-year-old Frankfurt/Offenbach based artist already has a few releases under his wing on some stellar labels (check this quirky cut from the ‘Offenbach Heat’ EP on Imprints) as well as running his own label – Pager Records, alongside production partner Phil Evans, who was the first in this trio of Twig releases (check it right here).

The first offering on this svelte 10” is ‘Mystic Blues’. Robust, forward thinking and moody are all terms that spring to mind when Sommer starts to open up his stride. A hearty 909 keeps everything ticking over militantly with space age synths, galactic bells, futuristic bleeps and plump bass tones all underpinning his effervescently warped sound. Fans of early Underground Resistance and Baby Ford-esque early 90s tackle should take note.

On the flip side Sommer brings about a whole different side to his character. ‘Mystic Funk’ is a melancholy, interstellar trip around the more obscure reaches of the UK garage spectrum. Skatty breaks unfold into 4/4 meanderings whilst wispy nods towards the IDM/electro sphere provide a neatly wrapped package of hazy electronics.

The Seekers/Twig family have been one of the most consistent protagonists when it comes to providing this menagerie of electronic genres melded into one quirky, sleek musical package. This is by no means Sommer’s most ground breaking material to date, but in terms of production value and raw talent, this should not be overlooked.