Matt Karmil – IDLE033


Matt Karmil’s music has garnered attention since 2013. With a debut album on Cologne Imprint PNN and releases on Beats In Space, Studio Barnhus and Endless Flight, Karmil has firmly established himself as a well respected recording artist – specifically one keen to experiment with a playful yet moody style of open-ended dance music. (Listen to the album in full here)

After the success of Play It, Do It, Say It EP on Bristol label Idle Hands earlier last year, Karmil and label boss, Chris Farrell, decided to collaborate once again – this time for the release of Karmil’s second LP, IDLE033.

IDLE033 is intriguing. Its sound palette is expansive, and is used to create dense textures, colourful atmospheres and emotional resonance. ‘Feeling Drives Loops Hearts’ starts things off with a vivid and cinematic soundscape, made up of stitched instrumental samples; so vivid, in fact, it’s reminiscent of Matthew Herbert’s sonic experimentation in albums like ‘The End Of Silence’.

The gritty, marching feel to ‘Going’ then injects momentum, driving the music forward into the hypnotic, visceral sounds of ‘So’ and ‘Tour’. ‘Freeform’ bucks the trend, with its looping bass line containing elements of Hot Chip-like pop funk.

‘Life’, keeps the record rolling before the quick-creeping melodies on top of hectic drums patterns create a defined gloominess in ‘Blue’. ‘Nu’ renounces senses of melancholy though, through optimistic melodies and shuffling drum patterns amongst bright textures and grooving piano stabs.

All the tracks Karmil has crafted stand on their own ground of brilliance, but ‘Flood’, to me, feels like a stand out. It’s the track that draws IDLE033 and offers a conclusive injection of what Karmil does so well. 2-step skips in the drums give way to thick weeping chords before filtered stabs of melody add real feeling. The end result is totally immersive.

Everything Karmil has pieced together for IDLE033 is genuine – the proof is in the innovative music he has created. IDLE033 is an immersive listen, containing rich and varied soundscapes alongside well defined compositional ideas which create throughly enjoyable unexpected twists and turns in the music. Matt Karmil is fast becoming a name synonymous with honest, forward-thinking electronic music that sits perfectly in today’s eclectic musical landscape – it’d be foolish to let this record pass you by.