MOD3LLR – The Intolerance Deconstruction


The Intolerance Deconstruction EP marks MOD3LLR’s seventh record, and first release of 2019. It can be seen as an EP in two movements: interestingly, MOD3LLR has chosen to rework his two original songs, both heavy techno tracks, under his MDLR moniker, which is where things get interesting. MDLR is where they allow themselves to be freer, refracting the usual techno sound through an experimental lens and producing exciting results.

To start with the two original MOD3LLR tracks, they are both self-assured, swampy and very dancefloor-appropriate. “Tolerance” kicks things off with an energetic syncopated rhythm. It starts off complex and becomes even more so as sonic layers are stacked one on top of the other, weaving in and out where they are needed and knowing when to fade to the background. “Construction” sounds like it has been recorded in the very same sort of open, echoing, industrial space that it was meant to be played in. Rhythm lines twirl in and out of focus like spinning tops, first here, then there, now close, now far. Presented on their own, these two meaty tracks would be enough to flesh out the EP.

But instead, MOD3LLR becomes MDLR, and we are thrown into the abyss, left to cling to sounds made unfamiliar under this new hand. “Tolerance” becomes darker, more extra-terrestrial, and it sonically resembles that basement that you’re really quite scared of but can’t help yourself from peeking into to explore every now and then. “Construction” transports you to the twilight zone, and the connection to the original is murky, if not sometimes cut entirely, but the sounds are just so interesting that this is excused.

All of the material on The Intolerance Deconstruction is original and enticing enough that it could have done in two separate releases. It feels like a treat that we’re getting it all at once.