Mudshadow Propaganda – Prime Minister of Doom


From the depths of the unknown, Prime Minister of Doom (PMoD) – aka Traumprinz / Prince of Denmark / DJ Metatron / DJ Healer – has emerged, in a typically murky fashion. The mysterious figure reappears having left the Giegling imprint in May 2017, declaring the Prince of Denmark alias to be dead, and that the anonymous producer had ‘lost touch’ with the label.

Having released several gems that were lauded by fans, including the exceptional 8, the producer returns with two alluring new LPs, under the guise of PMoD and DJ Healer. It comes after an announcement from planet uterus earlier this month, hinting the techno producer would be back. Their SoundCloud page leads us to believe the Prince has been reincarnated as PMoD / DJ Healer, and also provides a fitting description of the new project as ‘offering a healing place for all dancers, dreamers, lovers and disbelievers’.

In similar fashion to the two-and-a-half-hour 8, Mudshadow Propaganda bends driving rhythms and ghostly vocals into infinity – as the headline image demonstrates. The dark, spacious landscape that this LP depicts prompts nostalgic thoughts and a sense of emancipation within oneself. Trotting basslines and looping samples invoke a sense of inner calmness, dissolving any exterior anxieties. Whilst in parts more tribal than previous releases, PMoD uses the same minimal layers and vocal snippets that lull the listener into a brooding state. This is compounded by the LP’s artwork, which reminds us that ‘not even the dreamer is wide awake’. PMoD invites the listener into a personal experience that somehow comforts us with the idea that we are merely a fragment in a vast universe.

Mudshadow Propaganda provides an opportunity for us to become lost in a melodic trance, with only subtle modulations guiding the way. The weaving together of delicate shimmers and pulsating drums in “Tribal Days Part II” and “…Part III” ramp up the tempo, adding greater purpose to our journey through infinity.  The flow of acid jiggles in “Truth Inside” help re-establish the ethereal atmosphere and emotion lost in “Drumatise” – the weakest link in the LP. That said, PMoD uses simplicity and repetition to remarkable effect, maintaining raw feeling and introspection throughout even his weakest offering.

Quoting Shakespeare within the cover art, PMoD again issues the comforting rhetoric that ‘our little life is rounded with sleep’, assuring us that there is life beyond what we know. Whilst the poetic messages and hidden meanings are somewhat intangible, they encourage us to dive deeper into the vastness, and to explore the sentiments that lie within this record. Prime Minister of Doom’s debut work is a typical example of the Prince’s ability to invoke plumes of emotion within the listener, and is a comforting escape from the hectic reality we inhabit.

If you’re happy to feed the sharks, head here to purchase a copy.