Needs – Needs 006 In Aid of the Environment


As the UK government becomes the first to formally declare a climate emergency, it feels fitting that dance music is turning its attention to global warming as a cause for conscientious partying. With frequent international flights and post-event waste not uncommon features of the electronic music scene, it is essential that this industry begins to do its part to counteract climate change as much as it can. This is why all profits from Needs’ upcoming sixth compilation, featuring tracks from Eris Drew, D. Tiffany, Edward and Henry Hyde, will be donated to Cool Earth, a non-profit organisation working to combat deforestation and climate change.

Differently to some of the offerings from the recent DJs for Climate Action compilation, the collaborators for Needs 006 choose to exult the beauty of the natural world surrounding us, using a positive approach to highlight what could be lost if decisive action is not taken soon. Eris Drew’s spiritual deep house on “See You In Snow” seems to connect each dancer, reminding us of a purpose greater than ourselves and encouraging a more conscious communion with the higher forces of this world. Similarly, the percussion that kicks off D. Tiffany’s “Sun Trip” initially feels ominous, but the interlocking breaks and squelching bass line fills the listener with an overwhelming sense of the sublime in the purely Romantic sense, recalling nature’s potential power and wrath.

Edward’s irregular “Mind Loop” is a funk-driven foot-stomper, although the discordant synth whispers that float above the track act as metaphor for the ever-present threat of climate disaster that haunts the quotidian. Rounding off the EP is Henry Hyde’s ethereal “Every Day’s A Good Day For A Swim”, sparse and echoing, proving that less is sometimes more and makes just as forceful a point.

Combining excellent tunes and a good cause is a strong recipe for success in all senses. Needs 006 certainly breathes new life into climate activism.