Nina Kraviz – Pochuvstvui


Make no mistake, ‘Pochuvstvui’ is a heads-down, dancefloor focussed two tracker – three if you’re being pernickety – that is heavily centred around those arousing and hypnotic Kraviz vocals which we’ve grown accustomed to over the years. Surprisingly, this is Nina’s first contribution, at least as a solo EP, to established label трип; possibly a testament to her method of compiling a collection of music that fits particular themes and ideas, as opposed to immediate release of finalised material.

Her signature sound is used to greater effect on title track ‘Pochuvstvui’, a solid groove with clean kicks and hats overlaid with an eerie vocal loop, spoken in her native language for the first time according to Nina. The appeal lies in its simplicity; acid bleeps fire in and out like lasers, elevating the track without the need for any obvious rise and fall or breakdowns. ‘Pochuvstvui’ has actually been played out long before its release, featuring in Nina’s Exit festival set last year.

Surfacing first in her mix for the Fabric series, and then in mid-May as a Sonar premiere, B-side ‘You Are Wrong’ captures Kraviz’s increasing use and open endorsement of modular synths. It is less uniform and more subtle; warm keys and off-kilter voices soften a burbling base and kick with fidgety hats, giving the track a depth of texture. The menacing tone gives way to a more ethereal sound as the track rises, flatlining only when the echo of the vocal snippet “you are wrong” is looped. You can’t help but notice that the vocal has a stronger effect when spoken in her native tongue, as in title track ‘Pochuvstvui’. The general appeal seems to come from the enhancement of the underlying mood of the music, as opposed to being recognised in any lyrical form.

Regardless, both tracks are executed with great balance, delivering a no-nonsense dance release whilst also naturally adhering to the ‘unfinished’ and raw trippyness of the label around which she has successfully built a prominent identity. Her style of production, focussing on completing live cuts, amplifies this erratic feel and her love for expressing a “moment in time”, which could also explain the different versions of  ‘You Are Wrong’ that have surfaced and featured on the EP.