No Moon – Infinite Dreamz


Manchester-based producer Fred Shepherd is ever-creating a dependable name in No Moon, not least through releases that particularly flex those intergalactic electro rhythms he’s capable of producing. It is fire power of this nature that’s been enlisted by the impressive Glaswegian label, Craigie Knowes, in the form of Infinite Dreamz; an elegant three-tracker serving dancefloor functionality with space-age resonance.

Transcending with beautiful entropy along a kick-ass snare is a polyphony of synth melodies; melting, spurting, and stuttering in and out of containment, propelled with the occasional discharge of acidic undercurrent for good measure. The momentary pause and drop in percussion, held by this flourishing mirage of ectoplasm, strongly reaffirms what is anticipated in the opening few bars of “Exoplanet Vibe Cult” – a delightful banger.

“Infinite Dreamz” …only it’s the kind where you awake feeling a little out of sorts. Misplaced juxtaposition is the general feel on this B-Side, with an intricate and irresistible drumbeat spoilt by the limp and tuneless sequence of melancholic keys. Sunrise synths gradually emerge, glossing with only partial coverage a track which disappointingly leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

However, for want of a better description, dreamy electro is “Mallet Fury”. Equipped with a retro arcade fruit gun, No Moon fires a string of sprightly tune-bits, which ripple through lo-fi drums and expansive crashes, arousing the whole cut in a splash. Sealing the deal though is an understated yet nuanced bassline, taking “Mallet Fury” to the heights of “Exoplanet…”, and ensuring proceedings conclude on a pleasant note.

Despite my own reservations on the title track, Craigie Knowes – a label only in its infancy – will continue to build notoriety by the release with EPs such as Infinite Dreamz. The work of a seasoned producer shines through, and I can only hope No Moon forays further into the realm of electro beats in the not-too-distant future.