On Rotation: Justin Cudmore + D. Tiffany at Wire

On Rotation with Justin Cudmore and D. Tiffany

Armed with dance floor-savvy acid house selections, Justin Cudmore has truly infiltrated the utmost tier of the club underground. Rising from the bustling and punching New York scene, Cudmore’s reputation has spread internationally, bolstered by his prominent sets at Berghain’s Panorama Bar and truly unmistakably unique sound.

Cudmore is an expert when it comes to bringing the party to boiling point with such energy and sound that has a timeless futurism about it. His use of whip cunning drums, jagged acid lines and offbeat rave melodies has found a home on labels that are seeking to frame the contemporary landscape of transgression body music, including SF’s Honey Soundsystem label HNYTRX and Detroit’s Interdimensional Transmissions.

A key player within the rapid expansion of the socially vital queer party scene in the US, Justin Cudmore has also become a cult favourite at Leeds’ pumping gay dance party, Love Muscle. Unsurprisingly, Cudmore presided over 2 sold out parties with Love Muscle with his uncompromising approach to delivering his bold acid-streaked distillation of house and techno. Justin’s ability to not only command the floor as a remarkably talented DJ but also his maintaining of such a wide influence that has captured the world’s attention deserves respect.

Another artist that’s ahead of the game entirely is Vancouver’s prolific D. Tiffany. Following the release of her EP “Blue Dream” in 2017, word spread far beyond Vancouver of Sophie Sweetland’s skill. Sweetland’s misty atmospheres and laid back approach helped to establish the Vancouver sound, and since then, her sound has evolved from house to breakbeat and electro. With soaring melodies and a decent dose of electro, D. Tiffany devises an eclectic, funky sound that captures a mellow vibe with just the right amount of a tripped-out sense. Sweetland’s label, Planet Euphorique, illustrates her talents as a fruitful producer and excellent A&R, spanning acid adventures and mesmerizing lo-fi house cuts whilst always pushing an enthusiastically smoke covered thump.

For a not to be missed party held by On Rotation at Wire on May 31st, both Justin Cudmore and D. Tiffany will be landing in Leeds. With these two stellar artists and a “Flower Power” theme encouraging all to don their most floral attire, the night is set to be a treat.