On Rotation w/ Kerrie (Eastern Bloc)

It is just over a year since the lads at On Rotation burrowed through Leeds’ musical topsoil and made the underground their home. They’ve been quite happy to get cosy in their little subterranean bunker, rarely poking their heads up for air or to observe what else is happening on the scene. Their monthly parties at The 212 Cafe & Bar, unique in their stunning display of the finest wax-committed obscurities, are the product of minds committed to an enterprise in deepness. And, just as important as the nutritious sonic diet of their events, they foster a winning, chilled out and unassuming atmosphere.

Although an intimate warehouse party with a real catch of a booking (Laurine, resident DJ with Europe’s coolest deep house label Slow Life) is on its way, there is a smaller party to precede it at their usual venue. This one features Kerrie, from across the Pennines.
You’ll find this DJ, with a penchant for the blackened side of techno and house, behind the counter at Manchester’s acclaimed Eastern Bloc record shop during the daytime, and behind the decks at that city’s biggest events, including The Warehouse Project, at night. Expect the juiciest cuts from this seasoned selector as she steps up to the 212 Bar’s nigh-on-pornographic Urei rotary mixer.
With a not-too-shabby collection of their own, the residents Owen Spalding, Chris I’Anson (head of Slipstone Records), Alex Theodossiadis and Laurence Huntington will do the rest.
The event takes place at the 212 Cafe & Bar, Brewery Wharf, on 25th February. Entry is free.