One Last Disco: A Final Farewell For Louche

The 18th January 2014 is something of a landmark date in Leeds. After six and half years, 77 events and 113 acts, Louche shuts up shop in the North. A night, a brand, a couple of DJs, call it what you want but for Josh and Brinsley this is quite clearly a way of life. Leeds is a city that consistently punches above its weight and size on the scene in Europe, let alone the UK, but Louche are its heavyweights of that there is little doubt.

In six years the Louche brand has gone from charity beginnings to Fabric room hosts and rocking one of Berlin’s most esteemed clubs the Chalet. Special mention must also go to the website, the podcast series of which is one of the most prestigious throughout the UK having just released its 120th mix. Louche‘s legacy in Leeds will undoubtedly be both large and influential, leading the way for many of the more recent brands that have started in its wake.

Tonight promises to be quite the event – even by Louche standards – with an undoubtedly excellent top-secret lineup that will be released to those lucky enough to be in attendance. I doubt there’ll be tears, but the occasion will certainly have a touch of melancholy, and rightly so. Farewell Louche, it’s been great.