Pearl River Sound – Remember Every Moment


The latest release to come from nascent London-based label Meda Fury is a warm, down-beat 5-track entitled ‘Remember Every Moment‘. The album title is suggestive of the sentimental flavour of this release, characterised by longing melodies and spaced out acid trips. Noting that the label is distributed through Dutch masters R&S may also give some indication as to what to expect from this release.

Pearl River Sound, real name Robert Semeraro, currently resides in Rome while studying electronic music at the Saint Louis College of Music. Upon first listen, it becomes immediately clear that Semeraro has a great grasp of melody and timbral control. The EP as a whole breathes a dreamy analogue warmth, and if the Meda Fury logo is anything to go by, this really is machine-based soul music.

Opening track and eponymously titled ‘Remember Every Moment‘ fades in with a simple bass-line and synth hook, wandering in quiet reverie before a kick drum enters to pick things up. Conventional off-beat hats add pace while an accompanying synth line sparkles through the mix. ‘Remember Every Moment’ doesn’t ask the listener for much and the skilful arrangement really makes this track work.

Ecid‘ predictably takes us on an acid flex, layering up gradually in a glorious symphony of analogue fuzziness. Playful percussion loops give the track its unique lilt while we see again here Semeraro’s skilled work with melodic voicing.

Imagine‘ kicks off the B-side, very much to the same tone as the flip. We have a similarly understated bass-line and a drifting synth hook that manages to retain shape while being on the cusp of formlessness. Pleasing subtleties such as the sound programming of the hat and a secondary drum-line around the two minute mark really add something to the music. The final section features a looped voice sample (a hark back to 90s sample-based breaks), its only decipherable words being “Imagine, what…”

The Window‘ continues the four-to-the-floor theme, though clocking in at three and a half minutes feels more a fleeting interlude. The syncopated synth melody adds more pain to the slow melancholic bass pulsations.

La Mia Citta Di Notte‘ (“My City At Night”) rounds up the album with musical finesse. Semeraro breaks the 4×4 structure down into a dusty piece of emotive electronica. A solitary synth line yearns tentatively over the light-footed kick drum, while the mix is embellished with saturation and sparse interest from the percussion.

The EP as whole works well as a continuous stream of tracks, though its lack in diversity in some ways limits the nuanced possibility of a five track release. All of the components work considerably well together, yet the bass-lines are almost carbon copies of each other and such a focused sound palette homogenises the tracks to such a degree that it is almost detrimental.

Having said this, overall ‘Remember Every Moment’ is a genuinely beautiful release, and adds another string to Meda Fury’s consistently impressive bow. The magic of this label is found between the vintage retrospection that dwells in each record and a slightly left-of-centre musical aesthetic; ‘Remember Every Moment’ stays true to this and like the previous six releases, delivers something that is both fresh and mature.