Deep Fever – The Final Party

The success of a night depends on a set of key variables that lock together to form its ethos. The venue. The online aesthetic. The punters. But, above all, it is the music that forms its bedrock. Deep Fever is undoubtedly one of those events that has risen head and shoulders above the rest. It’s rise may be due to¬†the burgeoning period spent as a music blog. From this focus on the tunes and a passion for the scene Adam Lind and Ryan Ka orchestrated one of the hottest house parties around.

Since 2012, they have been flexing their party-throwing muscles, and they have evolved from a humble online space to promoting giants: ripped, oiled up and ready to flaunt it for a final time at the Mint Club.

The lads have welcomed DJ October, Mr Beatnick, Youandewan, Arnaldo and Medlar.

But heading the last dance is Move D. Need we say more? We will: This legendary DJ and producer, messianic to many, is emblematic of the Deep Fever ethos. Devoted to disco, but with a deep potentiality, David Moufang is well versed in getting the party started.

Joining him is previous Deep Fever guest Hesseltime, the housemonger of Tief Music and Rinse FM, and their residents Will Eastlake and Gexssture_, who have provided a gorgeous backdrop for every party and after session over the years.

The event takes place at Mint Club on 29th January 2016. Tickets are available here.