PPG w/ Avalon Emerson and Batu

After a summer of branching out and sampling festivals, clubs and events from far and wide, some good, some bad, some ugly, many of us hear the dingy, nonsense-free walls of the Wire calling to us louder than ever. For September and beyond the club has stocked up on the cream of electronic artists. From high energy wall shakers, to easy party starters, to avant-garde explorers, they have us covered, but although they have spoiled us for choice, one event stands out as particularly exciting.

Pretty pretty good have a meticulous, uncompromising approach to organising parties. Coming from humble origins at the Harley in Sheffield, PPG have grown with impressive rapidity into a household name in the north. They are champions of small promoters that are in the game for all the right reasons and are an example of the kind of people that keep the scene alive and exciting.

Few new artists manage to cause a stir on the scale that that Avalon Emerson has. The promoters, clubs, and party-goers that constitute the beating heart of the scene all can’t get enough of her. Underground festivals are eating her up and she’s become something of an honorary resident at Panorama bar, boasting over ten appearances there since moving to Berlin from San Francisco in 2014. Her sets are a divine comedy of cerebral electronic grooves and she is especially renowned for her ability to feel audiences and resonate with the people on the dancefloor, which is why her performance in the highly intimate Wire basement is bound to be an extra special one.

Completing the line up is Batu, an experimental Bristol based DJ and producer with notable releases on Hessle Audio and R&S Records. While we can expect him to provide a more intense, broken sound, he is known to truly adventure and transcend genres during his sets. Over the course of the night he and Avalon should make a seamless and complimentary combination.