ReviveHER 5th Birthday – Farley Jackmaster Funk, DJ Funk, FunkinEven, Interstellar Funk, Funkmaster Ozone Live

As the summer season comes to an end, Corsica Studios hosts a night to numb those festival blues. ReviveHER 5th Birthday presents a historical celebration of funk through 5 eras. From boogaloo in the ’70s to the birth of house in the ’80s, ’90s ghetto house and the ’00s revival to the present day, all funk tastes are met.

Travelling from Paris to Japan bringing 44 parties, 176 guests, plus numerous festival appearances and collaborations, the promoter boasts the likes of Julio Bashmore, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Bicep and Young Marco among their bookings.

Celebrating their 5th birthday, ReviveHER return to Corsica with an almighty, funk-filled lineup. Headlining proceedings is the one and only Farley Jackmaster Funk followed by FunkinEven, DJ Funk, Interstellar Funk and Funk Master Ozone (live).

With an established history, Corsica’s intimate atmosphere and solid sound-systems provide a perfect setting for this celebratory event. Save the date: Friday 18th September, tickets are already on final release.

Meanwhile, take yourself back in time with this classic mix from Farley Jackmaster Funk, recorded in 1987: