Rrose & Lucy – The Lotus Eaters II


Two years on from their first killer collaboration, Rrose and Lucy – purveyors of sonic bewitchment via the medium of bohemian techno – return, this time on the former’s imprint, EAUX; delving deeper into The Lotus Eaters project to deliver three sinister cuts worthy of your attention.

Convoluted waveforms and lingering bass twangs; an insidious and nauseous descent into the abyss on “Inner Membrane” towards a creeping kick drum. High frequency percussion scuttles through bass-laden click rolls to deliver a gritty and dynamic assault on the senses.

On a similar tip, “Inverted Limb” – a volatile sequence of bass notes oscillating nimbly in shape and intensity – steadily rises through a 4×4 kick and an ever-mutating pitter-patter of percussion to a raucous apex, before collapsing under its own weight into a sub-low breakdown. Strangely, and rather frustratingly, the track fades and concludes unexpectedly on the second rise as though it were a preview. Certainly only a minor quibble, but I feel “Inverted Limb” should have been stopped dead, or quite easily taken to higher levels of greatness and finished.

Positively frightening and expertly crafted, “Seeds Of Discontent” is awash with the signature cacophony of drone pads that overwhelm and engulf, not least the demonic clattering of hooves and industrial cogs, which instil just the right amount of unease with which the first project, The Lotus Eaters, managed so well.

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing a Rrose or Lucy production in the dance, you will know that this depth of precision and sound manipulation is truly something to behold. Although a strange sense of wanting has fallen upon me, so has the feeling of injustice at the mere attempt of detangling art made with such profoundness.