Save Our Culture w/ Kölsch, Mathew Jonson and Craig Richards

If there’s one positive that we can take from the closure of fabric (something of a mothership for underground dance music culture in Britain), it’s that the country and the wider world is full of interesting, untapped spaces that are ripe for occupation. The closure should not be seen as an annihilation of culture, but a dispersal of it.

The #saveourculture campaign, masterminded by the fabric office with support from the Night Time Industries Association, has progressed rapidly, and is disseminating this message in the way they know best: by putting on parties.

Leeds is blessed with one of these events (the only one of its kind outside of London) and it is only fitting that it should be taking place at Church: the city’s newly resurrected venue run by Beero and the Back To Basics crew.

Kompakt legend and Danish techno superstar Kölsch spearheads proceedings, and has the far from modest support of Mathew Jonson and fabric resident Craig Richards behind him.

While the severity of fabric’s pending court appeal results loom, the cheeky winking smiley that stands as the #saveourculture logo is a nod to the party lifestyle and party people that they so wish to retain – and that refuses to go out without a fight. All proceeds from the event will go toward the #saveourculture campaign.

The event takes place this Friday 28th October 2016. Tickets are available here and the FB event page is here.