Secret Sundaze x Go Bang!

For some Londoners a Secretsundaze event’s is almost sacrosanct, for most it’s an excellent way to enjoy the Sabbath. Now in it’s 12th season, Secretsundaze has solidified its position as an institution offering the best in underground House & Techno. For their latest and (maybe) greatest event, Secretsundaze have resurrected their Go Bang mini-festival for another all out August Bank Holiday extravaganza.


Those discerning and lucky enough to purchase a ticket, will have the chance to watch everyone’s favourite molecular genetics pHD student Sam Shepherd ( Floating Points to you and I) at the excellent Studio 338 only to then casually stroll round the corner and see Juan Atkins only London show this year. Secretsundaze crowds are usually pretty passionate, so I have no doubt that much reverence will be paid to Atkins during his live collaboration with Moritz Von Oswald, a seminal producer of his own accord. The collaboration in question, Borderland, will see a live rendition of their Boderland LP which possesses all the natural class you would expect from pioneers like Atkins and Von Oswald, Atkins is after all part of the Belleville Three.

Before the sun sets on the Coronet, attendees will likely be pre-occupied with everyone’s favourite underground son Omar S, demonstrating why there’s more to the scene than over-zealous trumpet samples and Troxler. With productions such as ‘The Shit Baby‘ and ‘Thanks For Letting Me Be Myself‘, Omar S will undoubtedly bring the goods. Then there’s the no small matter of Portable‘s set, a convivial combination of subtle mixing, live vocals and sartorial panache. Other luminaries making an appearance at the Coronet include Martyn, who is likely to tease us with snippets of his forthcoming LP on 3024, Tama Sumo whose bewildering record collection continues to delight the discerning Panorama Bar devotees, Brawther – a young but indubitably talented individual and Tech-heads Peter Van Hoesen and Andrew Ashong two further cogs in an already almighty line up.

And that’s just it … I would usually head to Secretsundaze for the atmosphere (their parties typically have an intimate vibe that is hard to find elsewhere) but this time it’s all about the lineup … to see arguably the father of Techno teaming up with one of Berlin’s finest, propped up by a Berghain local and Theo Parrish‘s latest collaborator, it is hard to argue about the £15 ticket. Also, what isn’t to like about listening to Techno where Charlie Chaplin once stood and performed?

Tickets are still available here