Spotlight: Alexander Nut

Spotlight: Alexander Nut

A man that has really made a name for himself by not being associated with a particular sound or genre, Alexander Nut has traversed the electronic music scene with his eclectic taste and eye-catching performances over the last 20 years. Someone that was digging before digging was appreciated as the art form it is today, the English DJ has garnered a huge amount of respect having grown and diversified his offering over the years.

Hailing from a love for hip-hop and his father’s disco records, Nut began to grow his record collection for both the purposes of DJing and for the adoration of music. His almost-encyclopedic knowledge of music means that even from the get-go you could have expected to explore the likes of hip-hop, jazz, soul, funk, disco, afrobeat, house, and techno in his DJ sets.

Having never as much as flirted with producing, Nut is one of the most hardworking performing DJs on the circuit. He quickly became a staple DJ on radio stations Rinse FM and NTS making his residencies those of legend to any that listened and was swiftly one of the most sought-after DJs when the festival season rolled around; his ear for jazzy grooves and soulful vibes makes for something special especially when the sun’s shining.

He further cemented his stamp on the music scene when he and Floating points kickstarted their imprint, Eglo Records, in 2008. As much as Nut’s expansive personal taste spans the musical landscapes, so (as you would imagine) his label follows suit. Fatima, FunkinEven, Steve Spacek and, of course, Floating Points all have made appearances on the label since its incarnation.

You could find him delving into the depths of the Ghanian highlife musical archive or listening to Grime pirate radio’s – the more interesting the source, the more exciting Nut’s collection becomes. As a true supporter of the community-driven club culture and a real DJ’s DJ, Alexander Nut properly encapsulates what being behind the decks really should be about.

Come June 5 for our Flux Day & Night Closing Party we’re sure he’ll be demonstrating as such.