Spotlight: Dave Harvey

To say Dave Harvey is a serial plate spinner would be an understatement. From festival-shaping to label-running, he is a busy man indeed. Hailing from Bristol, he currently runs one of Bristol’s largest parties, Love Saves The Day. In addition, for many years Harvey worked with the now defunct Garden Festival in Croatia team, and having gained significant kudos from this, he was handed the reigns to runs its heir, Love International. His ability to curate thoughtful yet expansive line ups has meant its reputation has soared over the past few years.

Not only does Dave Harvey run these iconic events, but he also manages his label, Futureboogie. Having had a steady release of house, disco and techno records since inception, Futureboogie has expanded exponentially, and has released work from artists like Lauer, Crazy P and Julio Bashmore. The brand has gained a serious amount of traction, with world-renowned DJs like Gerd Janson recently supporting Craig Bratley’s new release on the imprint, 99.9%.

As a DJ, Harvey used to go by the name ‘El Harvo’, but that thankfully transformed into the more palatable ‘Dave Harvey’ some years ago. On stage, Harvey is a no nonsense selector, and will normally opt for tracks in his sets with a disco edge, though isn’t a stranger to the tougher stuff. This criteria for choosing tracks is mirrored when selecting demos for upcoming Futureboogie releases but ultimately, as Harvey puts it, he chooses ‘whatever moves him‘; from Balearic to techno.

1. It’s You (Ron Basejam Remix) – The White Lamp

From 5 years stage-hosting at Anglesey’s Gottwood festival, to Love International, a festival mainstay for electronic music fans, Harvey is a master of curation. His DJs ability is of similar ilk, with his breadth of musical knowledge shining through each set. This classic remix from Ron Basejam is a pillar of the Futureboogie sound, and has earned plays from DJs worldwide.

2. Italo Love – Craig Bratley

On a different kilter is the aforementioned deeper, italo-disco chugger from Craig Bratley’s 99.9% EP. Both releases show the variety in Harvey’s arsenal, both as a DJ and as a label-runner.