Spotlight: Jane Fitz

Ideally, this piece wouldn’t have been called ‘Spotlight’, because that’s exactly what Jane Fitz has actively eluded for over 25 years. Alas, we live in a world of consistent branding and for those who follow Fitz, the title will have to remain a distinctive oxymoron.

Jane Fitz is a name that commands respect in clubs and record shops around the world. Having always worked in the shadows by nature, she has, over 25 years, steadily gnawed her way into electronic music folklore. Fitz now finds herself amongst a rare handful of unassumingly eclectic selectors; totally selfless to the scene.

Having first graced the decks at the ripe old age of 13 – a move that she cites as a way of getting into social events without having to talk to anybody or feel the wrath of her high school bullies – Fitz’s career has been one of unique exploration.

She now holds a quarterly residency at The Pickle Factory and makes up one half of Night Moves, a duo and event series she shares with close friend Jade Seatle. Night Moves is an entity that epitomises Fitz’s DJ DNA‚Ķ No advertising. No guestlist. No brand. It’s a party.

And if you’ve ever heard Fitz plying her now full-time trade as solely a DJ, (she was, until recently, a journalist and editor) you’ll realise it’s all for the love of music with her. Punchy, moody, acidic, ambient; you could go on endlessly trying to box up her style but you’ll never quite nail it – her record collection tops 8500 – and herein lies the beauty of her sets, their quirky, unpredictable brilliance.

It all stems from her ranging background. Kicking things off with psytrance in Singapore in the early 90s, Fitz then had her house epiphany at one of New York’s legendary Body & Soul parties, a night that – combined with witnessing the wizardry of Jeff Mills – spurred her on to teach herself to mix from her base in Hong Kong.

On returning to London, she masterminded her own East London warehouse parties called Peg. Running for several years throughout the noughties, the parties quickly grew her stature as a DJ and garnered here a loyal following. From there she became an international fixture in clubs such as Panorama Bar and Concrete, whilst also holding down a morning residency on London’s iconic Rinse FM.

When you hear and see Fitz play, you can’t help but be endeared. She’s a DJ who truly explores her own mind when she plays. She doesn’t just throw styles together, but seamlessly weaves them into a playful blanket of genres that wraps an audience in appreciative ecstasy. Humble and unassuming, Jane Fitz is wonderfully unique.