Spotlight: Massimiliano Pagliara

Chiefly celebrated for his synth-heavy disco grooves which he seamlessly meshes with Pop bursts as well as house and techno influences, Massimilliano Pagliara loves hoarding old books, vintage records and retro analog machines for their “warmer sounds” and use of synthesisers like the Prophet-5 to reproduce a unique 80s disco funk aesthetic.

Originally from Lecce, Massimiliano has a wealth of musical influence to draw upon from the array of Classical, Reggae, Rap, Dub, New Wave and 60s Rock’n Roll that he absorbed in the basement of his southern Italian childhood home. He chose to abandon the peace and quiet of his native town for the bustling scene of Milan to pursue his dreams of becoming a dancer and attended the prestigious Paolo Grassi school, later leaving with a degree in Dance Choreography and Theatre Studies under his belt and a newfound passion for the experimental electronic music of Mira Calix, Aphex twin and Boards of Canada. 

Pagliara relocated to Berlin, a place he fondly to this day considers home, where his affection for techno was ignited at the Ostgut Club and where the vibrant and decadent nightlife this German capital has to offer was clearly most conductive to shaping the unique sound which defined his debut album Focus For Infinity in 2011. Massimiliano is a mad keen traveller but when he finds himself homebound at his loft apartment loves nothing more than to jam and let his Prophet-5 run wild. Between DJ’ing at Panorama Bar where he’s a resident, plus other notoriously underground venues from the Tape Club to Schwuz and Tresor, launching his equally thriving production career and collaborating with the likes of Gui Tar, The Laia, Snax, Discodromo and Molly Nilsson and Rotciv to name but a few, Pagliara is without question an admirably industrious being. And because there’s absolutely no rest for the wicked he recently released an EP with Jules Etienne on Apersonal Music under the alias Egyptian Nipples. Massimiliano will be performing in the Basement at our Christmas party next week.

1. Massimiliano Pagliara – With One Another

Taken from his second Album and mostly comprised of collaborations with locally based producers, this dreamy synth-pop With One Another featuring Benedikt Frey and Nadia D’Alò feels like a hazy night on the rolling hills of Topanga Valley – an excellent pulsing acid bass line throughout doted with surges of synthetic brightness that manages to lull, unnerve and uplift you with its chord builds and disco core.

2. Massimiliano Pagliara – Make Love and Push-ups

Make Love And Push-Ups, a disco edit from The Last Gas Station Late Summer Compilation – a bit of warmth on a cold winter evening.