Spotlight: Red Axes

Red Axes comprise a duo from Israel that are leading the charge in the house scene fusing their love of rock with dance music. Both members started their lives in the music world playing in bands and eventually jumped from strings to synths, although still with their rock influence in tow. Pairing guitars and dance music has been done in the past but not many have achieved better results than Red Axes; they’ve seamlessly integrated them into their signature style of chuggy, driving house.

Their home of Tel-Aviv provided a lot of their inspiration behind their sound, with artists in the ’80s such as Minimal Compact aiding a great deal to the musical characteristics of Red Axes. After utilising a lot of this inspiration in their first album, memory card, with their former outfit, Red Cotton, the duo made their way to Amsterdam where they would eventually marry their style to electronic music. Upon their return to Tel-Aviv, the duo began to share their discovery and love of dance music through DJing and began their own party Break It! inspired by their experience in the Dutch capital.

From 2009, the duo brought out EP’s exploring several dance music aesthetics until they began to land on their signature sound with seminal releases such as Tour de Chile and 1970To date, Red Axes boast EP releases on I’m A Cliché, Permanent Vacation, Phantasy, Crosstown Rebels and Multi Culti along with two full length albums, Ballad of the Ice and The Beach Goths

The duo are now heading up their own record label, Garzen Records, running their own festival, Garzen Festival and are even producing a series called Trips, including a documentary which features them travelling to meet and record with indigenous artists from all over the world.

1970 – Red Axes

Around the time Red Axes found their feet with their dance music sound. Most records following are similar to this style in a noticeable balearic manner.

Sipoor – Red Axes

A recent release of the duo, demonstrating a more raw form of house and techno. In particular, this shows off their ability to produce very danceable chuggy records.