Spotlight: Steffi

Dutch DJ and producer Steffie Doms, aka Steffi, now resides in Berlin, as do many of her electronic music comrades. A resident at Panorama Bar since 2007, she has forged her own path in the industry, making her mark with a string of killer releases which span from house to electro. Alongside the residency, she has compiled a mix CD, Panorama Bar 05, for the famous German club and released by Ostgut Ton, featuring tracks from DJ Fett Burger and Trevino. More recently, she has been tasked with creating Fabric 94, which paid homage to underground artists like Voiski and 214. The promo mix features a transition from hard electro to more pop-oriented house which is as smooth as they come, and showcases Steffi’s talent. Alongside promo mixes, she has an array of releases that have propelled her career to greater heights. The most notable of her three LPs is the recent World of The Waking State, which has been correctly lauded by critics. Each Cosmic Ton LP reveals her take on cosmic, mercurial electro and techno.

When not in the studio or behind the turntables, Steffi uses her knowledge and insight to strengthen her labels Klakson and Dolly, with two accompanying sub-labels Dolly Dubs and Dolly Deluxe. Founded with producer and DJ Dexter, Klakson Records has gone from strength to strength, having become reinvigorated after a dormant patch. Its resurgence is testament to Steffi and Dexter’s willingness to promote new music, and will continue to rise after solid releases from Privacy and 214.

From her early years starting parties at Mazzo, to juggling the running of two labels, Steffi has exuded a no-nonsense approach that has her trusting her instincts about the music she loves. This characteristic has enabled her to excel as a producer, DJ and label-runner, and become a mainstay in the techno world.

 Yours – Steffi ft. Virginia

Steffi’s older productions, such as her 2011 LP Yours and Mine explores the more house-focused ilk of her musical interests.

 Different Entities – Steffi

This contrasts deeply with her newer LP from last year, which is a much moodier, introspective and cosmic affair.