Spotlight: Tornado Wallace

There are countless ways to describe Tornado Wallace, as he’s a DJ and producer that always keeps his listeners on their toes. From his initial release, ‘Tornado Never Dies’ on Sleazy Beats, the Aussie artist has had an evolutionary approach to production. When outside the studio, he DJs for parties all over the world. Behind the booth, he has an instantly distinguishable style and yet plays highly unpredictable sets. However, you can be sure that whatever he plays will have you dancing until your feet fall off.

Lewie Day has been producing under the name of Tornado Wallace since 2010. Since then, he has been constantly experimenting with his sound and combining old hardware with new technology. He began his career with disco edits and catchy Detroit-style house records. As his career has developed his music has undergone a transformation. His vintage hardware collection has built up and he has well and truly mastered the art of sampling. In an interview with Red Bull Music Academy, Day explained that his production secret was just doing he feels ‘sounds right at the time’. He explained that he didn’t have too many ideas in his head before he went into the studio. In his later releases you can definitely hear this, and it works very well for him.

Tornado Wallace’s production prowess can be heard on his LP ‘Lonely Planet’ that was released on Gerd Janson’s Running Back. This is a spacey arrangement of synthesised sounds and creative samples embodies his experimental style. The listener is treated to range of sounds including soft reverberating strings, punchy 80s synths and rattling tribal drums. This album has widely received praise and has boosted Tornado Wallace’s ever-growing reputation as one of Melbourne’s best producers.

Since this album, Day has been on tour all over the world, building on his reputation as a selector and providing a different experience for everyone who goes to see him. He is one of Australia’s most exciting acts and is at the top of his game. If you don’t believe us, check out his set Sugar Mountain festival. It speaks for itself.

You can catch Tornado Wallace alongside Tom Trago, Steffi, Orpheu the Wizard and James Dexter at our Halloween party in Leeds on 31st October.

1. Tornado Wallace – Trance Encounters

The phenomenal ‘Trance Encounters’ by Tornado Wallace demonstrates his unique production style perfectly.

1. Coober Pedy University Band – Kookaburra

Tornado Wallace & William Paxton AKA Coober Pedy University Band created this pounding techno track sampling a didgeridoo and the call of the kookaburra: a native bird of the Australia.