String Theory – Modularity


Rhythm Section International was founded by Bradley Zero back in 2014, and since then has made big waves in the scene with its influence extending far outside of its base in Peckham. The label has released material from the likes of Henry Wu and Al Dobson Jr, and for their 21st release, will add the Glaswegian duo String Theory to their impressive roster of artists.

One half of the pair is Glasgow-based DJ and producer Peter Letton. The EP sees him collaborate with John Broomhall, an English composer with years of experience providing audio content for games and films, who also sits on the BAFTA Video Games Committee. He’s played live jazz, blues and funk music all his life, which has clearly influenced String Theory’s debut EP, Modularity — lending its title from the modular synths that ring out across the record.

The EP is an exciting fusion of jazz and house, which is clear from the get-go with opener “Dirty High”. The track is made up of energetic drums and swelling synths that seem to shimmer across the surface of its playful melody. Next up is “Mr Tiger”, full of jazzy synths that oscillate on either side of steady beats, before eventually giving way to catchy little piano riffs.

“Con Moto” is perhaps the strongest track on the EP, purely due to the way it chops up so many styles and incorporates different instruments. At times, the track focuses on percussive elements before switching it up to Detroit-style melodies, making this the most dance-floor friendly track of the release. “Lucidity” rounds the EP off, showing yet again more technical skills as the duo mix an acid-house bassline with jazzy melodies.

It’s a pretty safe bet that anything Rhythm Section release will be of a high calibre, but as debuts go, it has to be said that String Theory already have a very well-rounded sound.