Take 5 with Anja Schneider

Berliner Anja Schneider‘s reputation as one of the most hard working individuals in underground music comes from years of experience multitasking at producing, performing and sharing the work of artists she believes in as a radio presenter and label boss.

Her latest project Sous Music was launched in 2017 following a successful 12 years at the helm of mobilee – the label she started back in 2005 with Ralf Kollmann – and represents a new phase in Schneider’s fruitful career. The passion for the artists on the label shines through in the tracks she selected when we asked her to Take 5 – ahead of her own Halloween performance at Beaver Works.

“As my label Sous Music is still relatively young and perhaps not as much on the radar to everyone yet, I decided to choose some of my favourite tracks which have been released on the label, from five of my favourite artists.”

1. Billy Turner - Singular (Sous Music)

I met Billy some time ago and as a young techno artist he impressed me from the start. He has such an exceptionally special approach to producing and his understanding of techno was totally new to me. To be so young and have such an interesting and comprehensive knowledge of music is always impressive. He is always surprising me with his music and this track is no exception. 

2. Marcus Suckut - Float (Sous Music)

I have been a long time fan of Markus and for me he’s is a genius producer with a lot of feeling and soul to his music. (This is quite refreshing and surprising for a German techno artist! Haha) I always felt touched by his music and all his tracks are there to stay. I don’t think you can put them into any specific genre and that’s what makes him special. He loves going into detail with his music and uses everything very carefully which makes it feel and soulful. 

3. Anja Schneider - Give It All To Me (Fort Romeau Osaka Mix) (Sous Music)

Fort Romeau for me, is the price of new disco. His interpretation is always from a different new edge disco angle, which for me is the new house - completely modern and fits perfectly with the music at this time. I think he’s one of the most forward thinking artists and always a step ahead of the rest. I play everything from him and will never stop! He is an enrichment for the whole electronic music scene.

4. Francesca Lombardo - Spondylus (Sous Music)

My deepest respect goes out to the real artist that Francesca is. She comes from a classical background and is a real musician. It’s fun and always impressive to work and play shows with her. She gives every record a very special female touch without going into some sort of cliché. Her music is simply amazing. 

5. Anja Schneider - Funk That (Sous Music)

I am so influenced by Detroit and all the new English artists like Mella Dee, Dennis Sulta and HAAII - so I had to combine all of this in my latest record. It’s techno but with a warehouse approach which I always love. The dark and sweaty clubs of the wringer session are my favourite, I’m so ready for it!