Take 5 with Brian Not Brian

Brian not Brian is a London based DJ originally from Belfast who also runs Going Good Records. A notorious vinyl enthusiast and highly knowledgeable crate-digger, Brian has been developing quite a reputation for his eclectic and educational DJ sets in the capital. His fans include the Sex Tags crew, with whom he plays regularly, and his label has seen productions from acts including Nummer, Cloudface and The Mystic Jungle Tribe. On 29th October, Brian will be playing Francis Inferno Orchestra, Cosmic Tom (of Cosmic Slop) and Apiento at St. John on Bethnal Green, so be sure to see for yourself by getting on the event here. It was a great pleasure to get our own insight into Brian’s tastes when we took 5.

1. Tony Allen - Ariya (Psychejujumix) ([Comet Records])

“Absolute monster! The best £2 I’ve spent in a long time.. Tony Allen needs no intro – almost everyone is familiar with his output & legendary contributions to afrobeat during the 70s & 80s, but this little nugget is from 1999 & I’ve been hammering it a lot recently. Sounds amazing played very loud in a club, unsurprisingly – his drums are so precise, crisp & sharp. Also, the organs & crazy tape reverb that spiral through the track are amazing, adding that oh-so-essential psychedelic quality to proceedings. This overlooked 12″ rips dance-floors up, guaranteed!”

2. Dionne - Kisses (ALF Soul Dub Mix) ([Cyren America Records])

“Arthur Forest – a name that deserves more credit in Detroit techno’s history books! Forest was responsible for mixing some huge records such as Inner City’s “Big Fun” & he was behind some of the most overlooked, sublime techno records of the early to mid 90’s (See Techno Souls ” Flow With Me”) but this remix for Dionne from 1991 is particularly special. Somehow, & this is the case with a lot of ALF’s mixes & productions, he manages to make something equally lo-fi & futuristic sounding that oozes that special brand of machine soul that Detroit does so well, this is a straight sleazy late night / early morning killer! Highly recommended.”

3. Chaos In The CBD - Background Explorer ([YAM Recordings])

“I’ve literally been playing this record solidly for months now. I was lucky to be blessed with a white label by the lovely folks at YAM Records in Peckham (it’s the first release on their new in-store label) a good couple of months before this came out and it was immediately sneaking it’s way into every subsequent DJ set I played. It’s a very understated track on first listen, but again, you play it in a club on a decent system & it just springs to life. The drums & pads just lift the dance-floor, it’s as deep as anything & it just works everytime! Good work fellas!”

4. Nummer - Second Sight ( [Going Good])

“Gotta give this one a mention! The first sample of these guys debut album forthcoming on my label Going Good. I think Nummer are ridiculously talented artists, they definitely have their own style & “get it” in spades. “Second Sight” was one of the first tracks that really leapt out at me when they submitted the full length LP a few months ago. It has that almost UK hardcore kind of feeling – breakbeats. But it just sounds monstrous when played out, industrial-ish, techno leaning – just super heavy! Really excited about the LP coming out, think it’s going to mess a lot of people up, you’ve been warned! ”

5. The First Family - The First Family ([Score Records])

“Slamming Memphis vocoder b-side from ’82 on the tiny Score label. I think I heard this on a Jake Won mixtape from a year or 2 ago & became pretty obsessed with it, you know where you rewind the same part of a mix over & over again? That was me with this track. It was only when I stumbled on the Still Music reissue earlier this year that I knew who it was, what it was called & the mystery was finally solved. Naturally I bought it asap. Essential party jam. The vocoders just kill me, not sure why, but they sound so good! This one’s an all-rounder in my book – go get it!”