Take 5 with Cartulis

London-based party come label, Cartulis Music, began its contribution to the London underground scene back in 2009. Since its inception the label has forged close relationships with names such as Vera, Nicolas Lutz, Francesco Del Garda and many more. Headed up by Raphael Carrau, Unai Trotti and Davy, Cartulis is very much a family affair; right down to Unai’s father producing the artwork for their releases.

Aside from London and and as part of an annual tradition, Cartulis head out to Barcelona to host a triple-header series of OFF week parties in partnership with German label Melliflow: Cartulis Full OFF Love.

Ahead of the madness and a collaborative Cartulis/Melliflow OFF week EP, we found out the tracks that get label members Z@P and Dan Piu ticking.

1. The System - You Are in my system (Polydor)

"This is probably one of those tracks that brought me into dance music; thanks to my older sister. It was also the first track I had on tape. She brought me the latest Discomix cassettes that she got from her DJ friends. Tracks like 'You are in my system', were definitely the foundation of my huge interest for dance music, it unites electronic and soul." - Piu

2. Tin man - Mystified Acid (Absurd Recordings)

"There's always a large amount of acid in my sets. When you mix acid and melancholy it creates such an unique vibe. I've been playing this track since it came out and it's one of the records that rarely leaves my bag.   It also takes me back to the afterhours with my friends in Montevideo, so its a special one for me." - Z@p

3. Jeff Mills - Gamma Player (Axis)

"Jeff Mills has created an intelligent, forward-thinking classic here that still sounds fresh and alive today. He manipulated chords and strings, creating a really galactic and far reaching soundscape throughout the whole track. It was a perfect example that Techno didn't need those hard floor drum kicks to create atmosphere. 'Gamma Player' really influenced my work and I felt so honoured and proud, when I realised that Jeff actually played my stuff during his shows." - Piu

4.  Minimal Vision - Magic Staircase (Vibraphone)

"Don Carlos, an Italian Producer and DJ Legend, who regularly performed in Zurich back in the early 90s; he brought that very smooth and melancholic aquatic house to our city. It was around this time when I started to produce my own tracks. I realized that I needed to buy a Roland Juno 60 or a 106 to play those warm chords that I found on 'Magic Staircase'. It is probably the track that influenced my music the most." - Piu

5. Laurie Anderson - Excellent Birds (Warner Bros)

"Laurie is such an amazing and inspiring artist. For this track in particular, I found it so interesting how everything is balanced. It's intelligent, funky and elegant, all at the same time." - Z@p