Take 5 with Desert Sound Colony

Since we last spoke to Desert Sound Colony, Liam has been a busy man.

Continuing to embrace his solo venture since the former 3-piece band parted ways, Liam’s aptitude for breaking new ground with fresh spins on underground club music is more evident than ever.

His label Holding Hands has gone from strength to strength – sharing the creations of lesser known producers with the world along with a platform for performing through regional label showcases. There’s been six releases so far this year from the likes of Timmy S & JB, DJ Mau Mau and Fred Quest, plus a compilation album – full of those uncompromising breaks and bass DSC fans know and love.

As for his own music, his second release on A Touch From Distance came at the start of the summer – a playful percussive journey through quirky dancefloor grooves.

Ahead of his appearance at our opening party at Beaver Works, Liam ran us through five tracks worth knowing.

1. Renegade Soundwave - The Phantom (It’s In There) (Mute Records)

This one is packed full of attitude. Love the ethereal vocals floating around on top as well.

2. Lost - The Gonzo (Perfecto Records)

Peak time banger here. It really doesn’t give you a break does it…and why would you want one? Can’t get enough of that spooky flute line as well.

3. Lennie De Ice - We Are I.E (i.e. Records)

Absolutely classic piece of hardcore. Nothing but good vibes, wheel up samples and a classic vocal.

4. Timebase - Fireball (Boogie Tunes Records)

Serious party tune. Silly vocal samples and all the classic hardcore aesthetics. Let the good times roll.

5. The Ragga Twins - Spliffhead (Shut Up And Dance Records)

Such a wicked couple of loops. It’s got that sweet out of time but always grooving vibe. Naïve AF production and all it does is add to the magic.