Take 5 with Magnier (House of Disco)

As the name might suggest, House of Disco have become the go-to source for a reliable and solid selection of the house and disco genres of dance music. The brand now encompasses a record label, event series and blog which has seen them provide London with a plethora of top notch talent and memorable parties. Born out of a love for tunes that can put a smile on your face, the head honcho David has been championing the aesthetic of House of Disco since the early days of sharing classic Disco tracks through the medium of Facebook.

From humble origins of a blog to share his favourite tracks, David (Magnier) has seen his brand grow into its own and become a one-stop-shop for house and disco in the capital. The label has seen releases from Art of Tones, Fouk and Hot Toddy with the brand receiving wider support from the likes of Feel My Bicep, Jacques Renault and Tensnake. Magnier provided us with some dancefloor gems mapping across what you’d expect to see on a night out (from warming up to the afterparty), as we sat down to Take 5.

1. Deadly Avenger - Revenge of El Santoro ()

(10pm) As I promoted so many House of Disco parties in London over the last 6 years invariably I would play nearly every warm up. It’s much more constructive than pacing at the door wondering if anyone was going to show up. I learned to love the warm up, embracing the opportunity to play weirder and more personal stuff. The emphasis on the importance of the warm up DJ has been lost a little and it’s sometimes seen as an insignificant slot, which is a real shame.

2. Johannes Albert - Fountain Of Youth (Frank Music)

(2am) By now the night is well established and people are paying attention or madouvit so you have a captive audience either way. When things are going well here it’s pretty unbeatable and if you are lucky enough to have a dance floor that are rooting for you and willing to go on an adventure well then thats the sweet spot.

3. Fern Kinney - Love Me Tonight (Malaco Records)

(4am) It’s coming to an end and the lights are coming on, you’ve made eye contact with the sound guy and promised him only one more, you can feel the head bouncer staring at you willing you to just stop. It’s strange the tracks you find yourself reaching for in these situations. I tend to veer towards guilty emotional crooners, like this Fern Kinney classic thats all hugs and sweaty palms.

4. The African Dream - Makin A Living (Eightball Records)

(7am) Back to the gaf and it becomes a slightly looser affair, the main challenge is who can actually remember the right tracks for the occasion. African Dream’s ‘Makin A Living’ is always on speed dial if I’m put on the spot, never a wrong time for it and when the suns coming up it’s just the ticket.

5. Matthew Dear - Modafinil Blues (Ghostly International)

(2pm) Your choice of music the next day can make or break you. Choose wrong and its off to the pit of despair with you, choose wisely and warm cozy riches will be yours. Most of the time I avoid electronic music entirely but make exceptions for tracks like this one from Matthew Dear which is like climbing back into the womb.