Take 5 with Red Rack’em

Danny Berman (aka Red Rack’em) is a respected DJ, broadcaster and producer with a colourful 20 year journey behind the turntables. Initially an aspiring junglist, Danny has become a seasoned selector with the unique ability to play house, disco, techno, garage, bass music, broken beat and jazzy beats in the same set without any break in dancefloor energy. His eclectic sets and distinctive production style have led to him accumulating a rapidly increasing fanbase. We are very excited to have Danny play at Flux at Corsica Studios tonight and, in advance, we sat down to Take 5.

1. Pulse X - Musical Mob ([Inspired Sounds])

"I used to teach a load of garage rude boys DJ skills evening classes in the Meadows area of Nottingham in 2002. They didn’t need DJ lessons really – they just wanted access to the decks and mics so they could practice their bars. This was always a big one with them and I can see why 14 years later. Will always remind me of the time there was a beef going down and it wasn’t safe for me to walk to the bus stop so they gave me a lift to the other side of Trent Bridge after the class finished."

2. DJ Krust - The Last Day ([Full Cycle])

“Krust was always out on his own and he did quite a few tracks which transcended the genre (check Soul In Motion too) – he’s a master at creating an atmosphere. There’s so many amazing production tricks on this – those quintessential Full Cycle synth ‘swoosh’ noises and stutters on the held notes. It’s really dark and oppressive too which captured the dank vibes in Bristol at that time. I moved there from Scotland in 1997 to live that life.”

3. Fats Comet - Bop Bop ([World])

“Fats Comet was the former Sugarhill house band teaming up with UK dubmaster Adrian Sherwood to make some industrial punk funk influenced drum machine b-boy breaks type stuff. Proper edgy cracked out super highway information overload type vibes. I love it. ”

4. The Leper - Dinosaur Jr ([Homestead Records])

“In the late 80s/early 90s, I was a teenage skateboarder into smoking hash and listening to US hip hop and indie rock bands like Dinosaur Jr. Music helped me survive the hostile Scottish fishing village environment I was living in at the time. ‘The Leper’ is my favourite track off the first Dinosaur Jr album – I love the split harmonics on the guitar and general doomy vibe. Me and my mates were all huge fans so it’s been great to see the original line up reform recently.”

5. Beginnings - Astrud Gilberto ([Verve])

“My old school friend Fraser Saunderson always plays me some fresh stuff whenever I stay with him in Edinburgh. It can be Syrian pop music or super rare Malian funk – there’s no boundaries. This is something from his Brazilian phase which stuck in my memory. Such amazingly beautiful music. Timeless. Emotional. Stunning. ”