Take 5 with Stretchy Dance Supply

Stretchy Dance Supply Take 5

Few Leeds promoters have become as infamous as Stretchy Dance Supply in such a relatively short amount of time. In spite of having only recently celebrated their first birthday in February of this year, a Stretchy night is now guaranteed to sell out in extremely good time. Stretchy has fast become a monthly fixture at Leeds’ favourite Wharf Chambers, and although only a stone’s throw away from the deadly serious techno nights at Wire, it seeks to make nights out light-hearted again with mandatory audience participation in mass dance routines and a music policy that focuses on UK bass, breakout, footwork and jungle.

We asked the four Stretchy Dance Supply residents (Dubrunner, Breaka, Sourpuss and Loyal Hardware) to Take 5 with us away from the hectic fun of their dancefloor. The result is a soundtrack that would fit in at any Stretchy switch-on.

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1. Silkie - Escape Route (Anarchostar Records)

Dubrunner's pick: genre-bending Banger from 140 producer Silkie. This track has such an incredible bounce to it with a nod to classic p funk but done in a Stretchy style. Love playing this at 3am as a palette cleanser in the midst of a stream of heavy duty Detroit ghetto tech! If you like this, check out Detroit’s Flithest, Dance Mania & FTP.

2. MikeQ - Werk (Fade To Mind)

Breaka's pick: This list wouldn’t be complete without some MikeQ, an absolute staple of our parties. Let your inhibitions fall away as you raise your arms in salutation. As you hold your stretch high, allow the feeling of liberation to wash over your body. And with each consecutive breath, turn to your neighbour and feel your collective energies align. As you return to your movements, take one breath longer to appreciate the path you’ve taken and then sink deeply back into the moment.

3. Ramadanman - Work Them (Swamp 81)

Sourpuss' pick: I don’t think that we could compile this list without including any Pearson Sound (Ramadanman). This track is truly a stretch classic combining footwork rhythms, incessant vocal chops and breakbeats in one funky 130bpm package. This song has so much energy building that just explodes when the beat kicks. Dense drum patterns set pace over an aggressive 808 kick and the repeating hook “Work Them” fires on overhead. The groove is relentless and almost suffocating until, at the peak of the drama, detuned strings slowly creep in. It’s these moments where I feel Pearson Sound demonstrates his true skills as a composer, the strings gradually build and lift you out of the darkness giving space and balance to the song before dropping you just before you get too comfortable.

4. SPORT - Dream Support (Sport Is Great)

Loyal Hardware's pick: An ethereal rave banger from the elusive SPORT Recordings. 130 breakbeat with searing pads and a fierce bass line. This record rides the line between warming up and bringing some heat into the room. I like to use the length of this track to blend in and out, sometimes mixing into another tune only to chop back for another hit of that bass. SPORT mean business, watch out for them.

5. Breaka - Get Your Sweat On (Holding Hands)

Stretchy Dance Supply anthem: New from the Holding Hands V/A SLAM JAMS, Breaka laying down a jam true to his name with gripping breaks, chopped vocals and fluttering synth riffs. "Get Your Sweat On" features a vocal skit taken from the smoking area at a Stretchy Dance Supply event back in March 2018! 'Yeah I wanna get my sweat on again man. Next time imma bring the proper gear man REAL TALK!'