Take 5 with Tom Trago

Tom Trago sees music as a physical need, like water or food, he couldn’t imagine life without it. Aged 15 he decided to dedicate the rest of his life to making, finding, playing and sharing music. When he wasn’t DJing in coffee shops, he was making music. His early productions consisted of unique blends of soul, experimental hip hop and jazz which caught the eye of local label heads.

Through Amsterdam’s club scene in the 90s and record stores such as Rush Hour, he discovered house and techno. Tom was then able to fuse together his early influences with this then-modern sound to create something distinctive and fresh.

His debut single, ‘Live with the BBQ’, came in 2006 via Rush Hour records and it perfectly epitomises what Tom’s sound is all about; intricate, feel-good synths, a grooving bass and classic house drums – a winning formula.

Following his set at Flux’s Halloween party, Tom Trago tells us about five tracks he thinks we ought to know.

1. Roland Bocquet - Epsilove (RCA Media)

Amazing how a song from 1982 still can sound so future, and how it shows that synthesizers are definitely capable of pulling that emotional string.

2. Smallpeople - Black Ice (Smallville Records )

This song really makes me easy when traveling is stressing me out. It's a great stress reducer and also a nice early morning sunrise set track.

3. Legowelt - DX Days (Clone)

One of my favorite Dutch producers with a mesmerising hypnotic bomb.

4. Vincenzo & Duffer Swift - Got To Be (Herbert Remix) (Raw Elements)

I always been big fan of Herbert, this song is lately returning a lot in my sets as it seems to always have a great impact on the floor.

5. Tom Trago - Compass Joint ()

This is a track I did together with my friend Lonely C from Soulclap. We just re-released it, so be fast and get your copy!