Back in late 2018 Yant (aka Andrew Tomlinson) emerged with his first EP, Cosmic Borders, released on Jay Clarke’s BLACKAXON imprint.

Since then, the Manchester-based DJ’s reputation has grown, seeing him play sets at the likes of Tresor and Village Underground.

Last month he returned to the BLACKAXON imprint to release Hydro, an EP made up of four high intensity techno tracks full to the brim of pumping beats and driving drums.

This EP caters for the dancefloor, making it a somewhat bittersweet release as it emphasises that the number of days before we can enjoy this on a club’s sound system remains very much unknown. Until then, we’ll be dancing from home, and Yant’s Take 5 offers a great selection to help us do just that.

1. E.R.P - Perfume Persuasion (Frustrated Funk)

A beautiful piece of music by Gerard Hanson who is also known as ‘Convextion’ (an alias he uses for his more dub techno/house tracks). I think I first heard this in De School basement actually. I couldn’t see much else than the club’s warm spotlight beams through the mist, and shadows of people spread out with heads down. Everybody together but yet in their own element with their own section. I think this is one of those tracks that should only be pulled out at the right moment, when the mood is perfect and everyone is connected and it should be left to work its magic.

2. Z.I.P.P.O - Night Tales (Fides)

Z.I.P.P.O is undeniably a master of the craft and he’s still young too. I absolutely love everything about this one, it’s pieced perfectly together, just when you thought the track couldn’t convey a mood any further the vocal just adds the sprinkles on top. This track is weighty, hypnotising, trippy, deep, groovy and soulful all in one. Transcending…

3. Aubrey - Rodger Dodger (Thema)

This one is a complete brain melter! I remember playing this one at Tresor a couple of years ago, I’d barely slept since arriving in Berlin. I was so nervous, and for the past week before the gig I’d had nightmares that I had overslept on that night and completely missed the set! Thankfully that didn’t happen, because I didn’t really sleep. It was about 7am when I played it, and I’d been waiting a while with the record for the right time to drop it. It definitely sent some people to space!

4. Sterac - Storm (ION)

One of the tracks that got me into techno, I think I first heard it on Dave Clarke’s World Service 2 mix. This and an elektrabel track were the ones that stood out massively amongst the others to me. The arrangement is super simple, but well thought out combinations of the drums to keep the energy alive throughout the track. Steve Rachmad/Sterac has remained one of my favourite artists to this date. Really one of the greats. He’s so versatile, house, techno, electro, sometimes it’s deep, sometimes emotional, and sometimes just like this... A groovy power driver!

5. Ed Rush & Optical - Fixation (Virus)

If I was to honestly say the music that has influenced me the most since listening to electronic music there would be no way to avoid mentioning Ed Rush & Optical. Through my teenage years I was primarily listening to and producing drum & bass. It was always the grittier, raw, analog sounds, accompanied by deep eerie pads and soundscapes that drew me in. Always funky drum grooves too. The whole wormhole album was and has always been my go0to for D&B. It has never bored me the countless times I’ve listened.