Take 5 with Zenker Brothers

Hailing from the vibrant and bustling musical hub of Munich, Zenker Brothers have been carving out their own techno and house shaped imprint into the world-renowned German dance music scene over the last 12 years. The brother formula has been tried and tested before and the Munich natives have certainly refined it into a seamless DJ outfit. Having both being born into the scene through their love of hip-hop, they’ve moulded this passion into a dance music act that not only has released on the likes of Tresor, 50Weapons and RFR but have been heading up their own label Ilian Tape since 2007.

Ahead of Zenker Brothers headlining the Red Room at Beaver Works for our 8th birthday this February, we managed to Take 5 and hear about some of the duos personal favourites.

1. Conceiled Project - Pattern 3 (Svek)

Got this for a few euros some years ago in a record store. There are so many good techno records from the 90s, unfortunately this one goes for dumb prices on Discogs now.

2. Ali Asker - Ascent (DJ Spider Remix) (Green Village)

Spaced out percussion banger from DJ Spider. Some years ago, DJ Spider played in Munich and in my pretty drunk state, I euphorically invited him to my shared flat to hang out and smoke with some friends. I fell asleep in the bathroom and he left.

3. Konrad Wehrmeister - CWS (Ilian Tape)

Konrad has his own sound and tends to make more breaky, experimental and deep music. Here is a rare slamming straight banger from him.

4. Claro Intelecto - Contact (Delsin)

This bassline is always catchy and the vibe of this tune can really change a dancelfoor. One of Claro’s best tracks for sure.

5. DJ Touchie - Bad Form ()

Released in 2003 this still sounds pretty futuristic even now. The grime breakbeat vibes are always fresh and on the right party this will slam.