Take 5 with Antal

Antal Heitlager is the main man behind legendary record store and label, Rush Hour. Despite always having a diverse musical taste, Antal has cited his initial discovery of true disco originals, so many of which inspired and spawned the house music we hear today, as a career-defining moment. As you might expect of a man in his position, he maintains a penchant for the purity of the act of searching for vinyl, and his own vast collection gives scope for some highly educational sets. Antal sat down with us to Take 5:

1. Jamie 3:26 – Insanity Project
“Reminds me of some Chicago Relief stuff. Loving it!”
2. Population One – Out Of Control
“Just out, but such a classic already!”
3. Solar Shield – Reesis
“Nugget from Austin USA…Funky bizniz!”
4. Carl Craig – At Les
5. D – ???
“San Proper’s drummer doing tracks!”