Take 5 with Avalon Emerson

Avalon Emerson, a native of Arizona, moved from her home state to San Francisco to set up camp in a warehouse back in 2009. Her experiences of the warehouse as a living environment, and the party-hosting lifestyle to which it leant itself, gave her a thorough insight into what is most effective in stimulating a dancefloor. As well as being an accomplished DJ and producer, Avalon is a San Fran software developer. Her technical skill is apparent in the accomplished house and techno she has put out on Icee Hot, shtum and Spring Theory. Now Berlin-based, we sat down with Avalon to Take 5:

1. Koehler – Sacred Realm [Skudge White]
“I met Daniel at Berghain last winter and we ended up talking about the Grateful Dead for a half an hour. Apparently being a Deadhead imbues you with the ability to make some cold ass bangin breaks. Really loving dropping this one in all my sets lately, always draws attention. I’m really impressed with the mix, sound design, and groove.”
2. Alias & Alias – Simple Gesture [Drowned Records]
“Really dig the hard-hitting todd-terry-in-berlin-esque stabs that swing in and out of a straight groove, with some salty rhythmic drivers. I love all the stuff on this Bremen label.”
3. Tandy Ogmo – Everybody Work Your Body [Viewlexx]
“Basically just a steamroller of the dopest part of Michael Zager’s “Let’s All Chant”. Don’t know who Tandy Ogmo is, but siq tune girl!”
4. Keita Sano – Sweet Bitter Love [Spring Theory]
“Sunshine sweet guitar licks, bizarre chants, and smacky dub walls all have a special in my record bag and <3.”
5. New Order – Round & Round (Detroit Mix) [Factory]
“This is my favorite New Order song, and this version holds up a little better tonally than the other mixes in my opinion and those shiny late 80’s production values sound incredibly wonderful in da club. I also like how Bernard Sumner’s voice is pretty loud and naked in the mix, and sounds sheepish, nervous, or maybe just indifferent, especially when it just cuts off mid-phrase at the end.”