Take 5 with Denis Sulta

Hector Barbour, aka Denis Sulta, has been active in and around Glasgow’s underground scene for many years as a party-goer, event organiser and ultimately record shop worker at one of the city’s great institutions, Rubadub. The knowledge and tastes fostered in this role helped him develop his own style as a DJ, and this ultimately led to his production debut with emergent Glaswegian label Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. This widespread musical experience, that shaped his personal sonic evolution, was very much in evidence in his Take 5:

1. Chaka Khan – I Know You, I Live You
2. George Duke – Shine On (Late Nite Tuff Guy Edit)
“Party FIRE!! Undeniable groove to this. George Duke is responsible for some of the best written disco EVER, and your man LNTG kills it on this edit.”
3. Aaron Carl – Oasis (Nick Holder Vocal Dub Remix)
“BOSS tune. Aaron Carl vocal over stripped UK funky beat wins every time. Very funky remix, bit of a sucker for this right now.”
4. Gerald Mitchell – Baby Ooh
“Heard this deep in the session & I have been hearing it in my dreams at night ever since. The strings remind me that no matter how bad things get, shit will always turn out alright in the end. Thanks Mr. Hunter!”
5. Aphex Twin, Analord 11 – VBS.Redlof.B.
“RINSING this just now. Scandalous Aphex tune & a Frankie Classic! Breakdown is absolutely bonkers!”