Take 5 with Dickon

Dickon Stone is founder of DEINENDS and co-founder of Berlin based record label “Odd Socks

Pagaia – Tony Esposito
“Tony, oh Tony. So balearic. Actually this isn’t the most laughably feel good of his wares, that wasn’t on YouTube, but this is probably the most well known I guess, and undeniably a winner. It’s got a melody that puts a smile on your face.”
KDIM (Max Graef Remix) – IMYRMIND & Glenn Astro
“Currently the only clip online from our next Odd Socks release (postponed to early 2014), this is a taster of Max Graef’s stunning take on Glenn Astro & IMYRMIND’s KDIM. I can’t wait for this record to hit stores, we’re super stoked at how it turned out. Shout to James Creed, my partner in crime!”
Native Dance – Andras Fox
“Finally grabbed this one at Phonica over the weekend. I interviewed Andy for my blog a couple of months ago and have been looking forward to getting my hands on this EP ever since. He’s a talented chap from Melbourne and his radio show Strange Holiday is something I make time for every week.”
Tight As A Drum – Thomas Leer
“This is from a double LP I’m eager to pick up a copy of. Thomas Leer makes me very happy, his music is odd and fun and ticks a lot of my boxes.”
Baja (Instrumental Dub Mix) – Mascara
“Another one I was able to pick up at Phonica. Classic… “Excuse me sugar, you wanna dance?”