Take 5 with Fred Everything

Montreal’s Fred Everything has been putting out music for over two decades with over 200 releases on some of the best house labels around, including Tsuba, Freerange and Local Talk. He’s also been a regular in the club and festival circuit worldwide. With new release Ô/Her with an Atjazz Remix on ARCo as well as his new single “Believe” feat. Kathy Diamond on Defected both out this month, he’s a busy man at the moment, but we managed to arrange for him to get together with Flux to Take 5.

1. Noni – Teach Me, Keep Me Satisfied (Prescription)

“This was my introduction to the wonderful sound of Prescription Records. I discovered this on a boring tuesday afternoon in Quebec City on shrooms while playing with my friend Nic B’s records. House music has never been the same to me since.”

2. Coco Steel & Lovebomb – Feel It (Warp)

“Massive fan of early Warp. I could’ve chosen Tuff Little UnitJoin the Future” or TomasMind Song” but this one is just so iconic. I came from a slightly more techno background but loved house music, just not the kind of generic organ/piano house I was exposed to. This was speaking to me loud & clear. Still play this on the regular.”

3. Soultourist – Turn Loose (Drumpoet Community)

“Another record I keep going back to. Timeless vibes on a great label which I was fortunate to release on. I finally got a copy on vinyl when I played for the guys at Zukunft a few years back. Turns out Soultourist is actually Ron from Drumpoet. We need more records like this.”

4. Atjazz – For Real (Innervisions)

“One of the early Innervisions records from my good friend and long time collaborator Atjazz. It was apparently originally done in 20 minutes. Although I have a few unreleased alternate versions, this final mix still captures the raw energy of the original demo.”

5. Pepe Bradock – 4 (Atavisme)

“Still one of my favorite Pepe records and an all time end of the night go-to. This one has just the right method to the madness for me. Twisted, yet totally playable. Big influence.”