Take 5 with Leif Müller

Born in Austria in 1988, Leif Müller started DJing at the age of 15. Since then, he followed his passion, exploring Detroit techno and classic house. In 2009, he became resident of the legendary Rocker 33 in Stuttgart. Two years later, Konstantin Sibold & Leif started their own event series, Common Sense People, after which their duo is named. Leif has focussed primarily on the development of the Common Sense People event series, whilst also building up a reputation as a DJ. He had his first release in 2013 with a remix on Get Physical’s sublabel Poesie Musik, followed by Kolibri (Cocoon Recordings), which represents their first production as a duo and showcases Konstantin and Leif’s interest in timeless and minimalistic club music. With Stata and Monday on Snork Enterprises’ sublabel Relax2000, his first solo release came out on vinyl in 2015. We sat down with him to Take 5.

1. Jean Nipon & The Magendie High School – Avoid Romance (L.I.E.S. Records)

“Found this one at VARY Records in Leipzig. Great record store by the way. I like the rhythm balancing out a few times and the nice melody shimmering around.”

2. Doubt – Remember Fono (Mistress Recordings)

Mistress is one of my favourite labels. Had some good moments playing this track and it always feels like people are getting hypnotized by the interaction of the different elements.”

3. Royer – Collectively (TRP Remix) (Lobster Theremin)

“I really love this label and the stuff they release, so I was happy for my mate David aka TRP to contribute a remix for this EP. For me it’s the best track of the record. Sick atmosphere he creates there.”

4. Leaves – Third Floor (777 Recordings)

“I discovered this one from 2014 a few months ago and can’t get enough of it. Such a nice groove and bassline. Timeless!”

5. Fouk – Gruff (Snacks Remix) (House of Disco)

Snacks are my Berlin friends Aljoscha and Rene who’ve done this great remix! It has just been released and I love the build-up and funky vibe. Works perfectly in a non techno set.”