Take 5 With Marcel Vogel

Marcel Vogel, aka ‘The Bearded Lumberjack’, is originally from rural Germany. Now based in Amsterdam, chopping up tunes professionally and releasing some of these on his Lumberjacks in Hell imprint is his primary calling. Many influences shine through when Marcel is behind the decks: the heat and energy of the Chicago disco masters, the grittiness of the Detroit godfathers, the playfulness of Berlin’s freestyle jocks and the soulful tradition of New York Garage. We were very excited to invite Marcel to Take 5.

1. Kellee Patterson – So In Tune With You [Shadybrook]
“Current favourite for me – or a rediscovered jam. to switch the vibe a bit into love mode.”
2. Soul Element feat. Peven Everett – How Bad I Want Ya [Minuendo Recordings]
Peven has produced so many amazing tunes, there will always be a few with me. The first time I heard him on record must have been with Gabriel and from there on it just got better and better. My absolute favourite is actually Put Your Back Into It but let’s mix it up for once. He also has a slew of Nu Soul that I love.”
3. JKriv – King Mashie [Razor-N-Tape]
“This make some move. You know about JKriv? Founding member of Tortured Soul and one of the dopest “Disco” producers at the moment… Love a lot of his stuff”
4. Pirahnahead – Inner Turmoil [Mahogani Music]
“This was a Theo Parrish staple and is always a bomb to drop. The re-invented form of disco at its finest. Because I was always bummed out it was impossible to get on vinyl, I have licensed it for the next Lumberjacks compilation. Just saying!”
5. Madeleine Bell – That’s What Friends Are For [Jazzman]
“I admit I am a bit daft some times.. Got this KPN Library compilation from a friend for my birthday and managed not to listen to it for two years. Then Diego (Suzanne Kraft) stayed at my place and said, “oh man I love that tune, put it on” and sold me another of my staples…. haha. I suppose that’s what they call digging in your own collection… or being a dumbass. You choose.”