Take 5 with MUSK

LGDZ label bosses and Berlin-based purveyors of danceable delights; MUSK are Lennart Döring and Gerald Zollner.

3,000,000 Synths – Chaz Jankel
“Paradise Garage classic. Great warm up track. Played this during my Panorama Bar set on Saturday, the synths sounded insane!!”
The Wonders Of Wishing (For You) – Urban Culture
“Carl Craig production, another classic. Just got a really good sounding repress. Great track if you just played a couple of those more happy piano House tracks, and wanna go on to play some darker tracks. Or the other way round.”
Krav Maga Girls – Waldemar Schwartz
“Just came out last week I think. Amazing rework of Vance And Suzzanne – I Can’t Get Along Without You from 1980. The track is quite short and a little slow, so sometimes hard to get into the set. I would just do a really quick blend for this one, and get right into it…”
Zombie Jamboree – Africaine 808
“Killer track. B-side of the Lagos/New York release. It’s quite fast (like 130bpm) and looses its magic a little bit when you pitch it down too much. Gotta wait til the peak time to play it ;-)”
Hipster Massacre – Deep Space Orchestra
“Typical DSO production. I like this to jump from 90s house tracks to more modern stuff. The use of the vocals is quite old school, but at the same time the rest sounds quite modern to me. Great bassline as well. Usually have to pitch this one up quite a bit.”