Take 5 with Rivet

Mika Adam Erik Hallbäck Vuorenpää, who operates under the somewhat catchier moniker of Rivet, has been doing his thing since the 90’s, experimenting with multiple genres and forming his own distinctive style. In the studio he has gone on to work with Skudge and Kontra Musik. In the booth, his impressive four deck DJ sets are as technically impressive as they are musically educational. We could think of few better than Rivet to sit down with us and Take 5:

1. John Surman – Edge Of Illusion
“I’m currently a bit out of sync with what’s going on in electronic music. As always when I have a hard time relating to new stuff, I turn way back. A bullet proof quality source of mine has always been ECM / ECM New Series. This was a pure golden find that I did recently, can’t really believe it’s from the 70s. It’s just that synth arp looped for 10 minutes with some heartbreaking clarinet and saxophone (yes I said sax) on top.”
2. Thomas Leer – Private Plane
“Thomas Leer’s ‘The Bridge’ LP has always been one of my favourite new wave albums. However, I didn’t know of ‘Private Plane’ until a few months back when Dark Entries announced they are reissuing it alongside the AMAZING ‘Joe Crow – Compulsion’. At first it was overshadowed by Joe Crow (what wouldn’t be?), but it’s really grown on me. A little dirty pop pearl that even the most tone deaf fella can sing in the shower.”
3. Moral – Dance Of The Dolls
“This is another superb reissue by Dark Entries Records. Moral was a Danish new wave band active 1981-1985, and I think they were one of few Scandinavian bands who nailed the style without falling into parody. This particular track is one of their most emotive, goosebumps!”
4. Taragana Pyjarama – Givers
“I stumbled upon this on my weekly Boomkat digital monday trawl. Never heard of the guy before, probably because he is affiliated to Kompakt (oh snap!), but it instantly struck a chord in me. Once an arp-slut always an arp-slut! Just pure and simple synthesizer wankery.”
5. Gesloten Cirkel – Asleep
“At this point I started feeling a bit bad about not listing a single club track, so was really happy to see Gesloten Cirkel appear in the list.. Definitely one of my favourite producers of the last 5 years. He always finds the melodic edge of cheesiness and rides it perfectly without ever falling into either “obscure” or “pop”. An impressive feat. Also, he’s helped me cure my phobia of the TB303 that was rooted in my teen years as a DnB and Hardcore head.”