Take 5 with Trevor Deep Jr

Finland’s Trevor Deep Jr. is something of a man of mystery. Whilst little is known of the man himself, his musical aesthetic is distinctive, informed as it is by jazz, funk and hip-hop as well as house and techno. Trevor blends classic Chicago house, Detroit techno soul, the underground sounds of NYC and the moody soundscapes of his hometown Helsinki in his sets and productions. We sat down with him to Take 5.

1. Fluxion – You Don´t Know (Joey Anderson Remix) [Echocord]
“This gem takes me back to the roots, back to the essence. You can actually close your eyes while playing it and imagine the best place ever. You will go there, trust me. The strength within comes from inside. It´s hard to explain, but it touches on a spiritual level.”
2. Fred P – Project 05 [Ostgut Ton]
“Classic status in our parties and sets. Great mood breaker. There´s many occasions where this track sounds complete different depending on where and when you play it. Fred P has always been very inspirational for us..”
3. Kirill Mamin – Cutting [Mistress Recordings]
“Big and moody. Love the production. Makes you wanna put your hands in the air. Mistress label is definitely one of our favourites. This gem will be in TDJ record bag for many years to come.”
4. Endian – Sub Tropic [Secretsundaze]
“It takes us back to Helsinki on a summertime and VUM outdoor parties on Sundays. It has the dub aesthetics which we love but still raw and hypnotic groove. Would be nice to time travel back to the studio session where this gem was created. Magic!”
5. Omar S – There´s Money in The D [FXHE Records]
“The effortless of floating piano hook does if for me every time. You don´t think that it´s a dance tune. Be surprised how people react on a dancefloor. Maybe it´s pointless to underline Omar S´s greatness. – “Thank´s for letting me be myself”.”