Take 5(ish) with Cliff Lothar

Since Cliff Lothar burst onto the scene in 2013, releasing on well-respected Dutch label, Viewlexx, he has revealed little regarding his back-story and his personal profile. The emphasis has always been firmly on the music and memorable releases on Skudge, Turbo and Omnidisc have only cemented his status as a producer with genuine integrity. His electro-influenced style is distinctive and energetic and if past experience is anything to go by his new label Clifftraxx CTX will be one to watch. Such was Cliff’s enthusiasm, he sent us over the following 7 tracks for his Take 5(ish). We are very grateful to him for taking the time.

1. NAD – Distant Drums [BPM]

“Deep, hopeful and erotic track at the same time, from Mustafa Ali aka New Age Dance, one of the few UK house tracks I really love. Tomorrow comes the Armageddon, what shall be must come to pass. What more can I say?! Somebody educate me on more UK stuff that’s this good!”

2. Andrew Red Hand – Never Be the Same [M/O/S Recordings]

“Great slept-on techno track by Andrew Red Hand, a guy I’ve seen hanging around since the MySpace era.. He used to make a bunch of electro stuff way back when, just like me, so when I got this release I was quite surprised.. And when I pitched it down a bunch I got blown away by how gorgeous this track is. If you can’t source a YouTube audio pitcher somehow you can check out my mix DJB.328 and you’ll see what I mean.”

3. Ralph Falcon – Every Now and Then (Original Mix) [Miami Soul]

“Heard this in a mix from my personal delivery man Wan-D (he ALWAYS delivers), and I was like whattt, a murk track I never heard? Also it has a weird lyrical twist towards the end.. Check some Wan-D mixage here.

4. Mystic Bill – You Won’t C Me [Snuff Trax]

“Everyone and their mother probably heard this thing by now, solid chi style track.. The ever vigilant Mauro of IFM crew insisted that I’d give it a shot. Definitely have a sound and a stickability thats not very common lately. Definte lately however you see fit. Dumdumdumm dumdum dum.. Dum dum etc.”

5. Harvey ‘Hollywood’ Harris – Funk Me, Jack Me [Play House Records]

“Dear Lord, when Pametex played this shit back in the mid-2000s at the CBS party at, I want to say, De Unie? Anyway, Jesus!!.. Enough said about that.”

6. Zwischenfall – Sandy Eyes [Les Disques Du Crépuscule]

“I guess I could put all house tracks in this thing, but I’ll break off with some goddamn italo vibed-out shit from Zwischenfall.. Pretty much a 180 from the incredible tear jerker Flucht (82 version), this thing is a wonderful picker-upper for any occasion.”

7. The Groupies – The Groupies Are Insane EP [Baltermore]

“Yeah this is me and DJ Overdose – nothing more, nothing less.. The perfect theme for all your 80s gang activity this summer”