Tale of Us, The/Das – Fresh Water


Italian label Life and Death cite eclectic influences and promote their style as an amalgamation of modern dance music with an edge of underground pop. For their 8th release, the label have turned too Carmine Conte and Matteo Milleri for more Tech goodness under their Tale of Us moniker. This lot are pretty hot at the moment – an opinion backed by Resident Advisor, who recently declared Life and Death their label of the month.

Best known for their 2010 remix of Thugfucker’sDisco Gnome,” Tale of Us has teamed up with The/Das (a.k.a Fabian Fenk from Bodi Bill) and label mate Clockwork, to produce this excellent blend of melancholic tech churners.

The vocal wailings of Fabian Fenk dominate this EP and are a welcome addition to the winning “Tale of Us” formula – Fenk’s soft cries bolster the beautiful keys and huge staccato bass-line of “Fresh Water.” His dolorous sollioquy commands the groaning synths and driving percussion of “Keep This” and from the onset it’s his eerie lamentation that leaves a lasting impression; ringing out across the impressive bass-line of “Life and Death” as it treads around the lower octaves.

This EP is typical Tale of Us – moody electronica, beautiful and elegantly simple. The individual touches of the contributing artists have worked wonderfully, and together the trio have melded a selection of tracks where contemplation and serenity are the raison d’etre. This is a release not for the filling dance-floors, rather its designed for personal listening pleasure – for those periods of meditative headphone introspection.