Tender Hooks at Wire: Anthony Naples, San Proper and T.Wiltshire

After throwing bi-monthly parties at Corsica Studios for a few years, most recently with Berghain/Panorama resident Nick Höppner, album-of-the-year contender Romare and disco Dutchman Awanto3, Tender Hooks are making the pilgrimage up to Leeds to add to Wire’s stunning roster of techno nights.

However, this night doesn’t settle easily into that category. Anthony Naples, San Proper and T. Wiltshire’s releases and mixes illustrate deviance, swinging from techno to disco and back again with elegence. It’s this versatility that makes this event at Wire rather exciting.

Naples, the New York-based producer and DJ and founder of the experimental Proibito label, joins the dots between the techno of Trilogy Tapes, the disco of Mister Saturday Night and the house of Rubadub, all of which have released his tracks over the past few years. It’s almost as if he’s making techno with one ear to the wall of disco: the influence is muffled, but certainly ever-present. His debut LP, ‘Body Pill‘, released on Four Tet’s Text Records earlier this year, is an immersive, expansive record that will be a treat to hear played out in Wire’s basement.

After several years carving out a sound on Rush Hour and Perlon, San Proper has started to take matters into his own hands with his label Proper’s Cult, which put out his ‘The Culture‘ EP last year. His collaboration with Pit Spector, Prospector #2, is one of the most intriguing releases of the year, channeling krautrock and live electronic sounds to produce an EP of quirky house bangers. But with his strong penchant for techno, he is likely to play a set of the darker stuff this time around.

T.Wiltshire is one of Tender Hooks’ own. They released his pulsating ‘The Sandringham‘ EP last year, a record that epitomises the cool and experimental sound of the label and their parties. His recent Crack Mix journeys from soulful house to fidgety party techno, and shows a man accomplished in creating both a fun and sophisticated sound.

It seems that Tender Hooks are going in the same direction, having moved from a release of Jack Dixon (a worryingly generic deep house track) to the more progressive releases of ‘Static‘ by Lakosa & Rick Grant and T.Wiltshire’s The Sandringham EP last year. Judging by this line up, their party in Leeds on 16th May 2015 should be an equally dynamic event.

Early bird tickets are still available from Resident Advisor.

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